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Sonograms, also called ultrasounds, provide images of your internal organs that allow your physician to confirm pregnancy and diagnose other health conditions. Prashanth Mannam, MD, Leslie Beckford, PA, and their team offer sonograms at Mannam Medical Center in the Soundview neighborhood of The Bronx in New York City. If you need a sonogram, call Mannam Medical Center or schedule an appointment online today.

Sonograms Q & A

What is a sonogram?

Many people use the terms sonogram and ultrasound interchangeably. Technically, an ultrasound is a procedure that creates the sonogram, or image.

Ultrasound is a digital imaging study that uses high-frequency sound waves and their echoes to create pictures of your internal organs and structures. The test is quick, painless, and safe. 

Why would I need a sonogram?

Your health care provider examines your sonograms to diagnose health problems or monitor a pregnancy. 

Prenatal screening

Most women receive two sonograms during pregnancy. You usually have your first ultrasound at the end of the first trimester. Your provider confirms your pregnancy, checks the fetal heartbeat, and examines the placenta, uterus, ovaries, and cervix. They also check for multiple fetuses and any signs of abnormality. You have a second ultrasound during the second trimester when more anatomic details are visible. Your provider monitors your baby’s growth, development, and position in the womb. You can choose to learn the sex of your baby during this ultrasound.


The team at Mannam Medical Center also use sonograms to examine your internal organs to diagnose health problems. For example, if you have pelvic pain, your provider might use ultrasound to look for fibroids, cysts, or other abnormalities that could contribute to your pain. 

How should I prepare for a sonogram?

In most cases, you don’t need to do anything special to prepare for your sonogram. Your provider might recommend that you have a full bladder for your test. In general, you can eat and drink normally.

You should wear comfortable, loose clothing, although you might need to wear a gown during your ultrasound.

What happens during a sonogram?

You usually recline on a treatment table during an ultrasound. A technician puts a clear gel on your skin, which helps transmit the ultrasound waves and echoes. Then, they gently move a handheld transducer over your skin.

The transducer sends the sound waves into your body and collects the echoes before transmitting them to the machine that converts the data into an image of the inside of your body. Your doctor examines the sonogram to learn more about your pregnancy or other health condition.

If you need a sonogram, call Mannam Medical Center or schedule an appointment online today.